Scheduling software information: Five Different Levels of Security Access

ETrace scheduling software information. For more flexibility, ETrace has five different security access paths. The levels are assigned by the administrator and can be changed, added, or suspended at anytime.

1- Administrator

This allows total access to input, retrieve, and edit all info


2- Booker

This allows access to input and schedule jobs but does not allow for invoicing and editing other areas of info.


3- Sub-contractor

This allows access to jobs booked into the system and assigned to them by you . It gives them the function to schedule these jobs, enter and complete reports, and view past customers reports. It does not allow them to input jobs, view your company pricing or invoice section.


4- Technician

This allows the tech to only see jobs scheduled and assigned to him/her and enter and complete those reports. It gives the tech access to view past customer reports. It does not allow them to change scheduled jobs, input new jobs, see other tech schedules or view your invoice section.


5- Retailer/Client

This allows access to input but not schedule new work orders. It allows access to customer files showing your contact activity (left messages) and "completed and manager approved" reports. It allows them to view all of their past customer reports. It does not allow them to change or edit info.

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