Personnel scheduling software by Etrace: where are your subs today?

You need personnel scheduling software if you:

Where are your subs today? It’s a simple question, but one which perhaps above all others makes small business people’s lives more complicated and stressful.

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly which one of your subs was working on which customer’s file? The status of that file? Whether the customer is now happy and you can pay your subs and send the invoice to the client? All accessible from any location there’s an Internet connection, without the need for paperwork?

All very nice. While we’re pretending, let’s turn it up another notch.

Let’s pretend you’re tired of fielding emails, faxes and phone calls from multiple corporate clients who want you to service new customers. Let’s pretend you’d prefer them to create new jobs themselves, starting a new file for every new customer.

Let’s pretend you could log into the Etrace personnel scheduling software and see an email for each new job file the client created. Let’s pretend you could click to see the customer’s file and make instant electronic notes for every attempt you make to contact the new customer to schedule their work.

Let’s pretend that once you’ve spoken to the customer, with a click of the mouse you could schedule an appointment for one of your subs, and see instantly what his or her calendar is like for that day.

Stop pretending. This is for real. Etrace offers ALL of these tools and more.

Let’s pretend you can afford it, too. $89 per month gets you started. Click here now to try our personnel scheduling software.

You might not like it, so you can cancel at any time. After all, you might prefer filing pieces of fax paper and receiving dozens of follow-up calls per month on your cell phone from clients chasing information.

Let’s pretend.