Etrace: meeting scheduling software that any small business should consider investing in

You NEED Etrace meeting scheduling software, you just don’t realize it yet! Most small business owners don’t know how serious their need for this vital resource is.

Here’s how many small businesses operate, from paving contractors to chimney sweeps, furniture restorers to plumbers.

Part one: first contact

A potential customer calls you for a quote on a problem they need help with. You either scribble a note to yourself, or ask your secretary (if you have one) to book the appointment for you, a staff member or sub-contractor to call on the client and give them a quote.

The Etrace meeting scheduling software package would ensure that this appointment – the first point of contact with a NEW client, remember, the only impression they have of your company so far – will be kept.

What often happens? That new client falls through the cracks. An emergency call comes in and you have to deal with it. If only you could find the piece of paper you wrote the client’s details on! (It fell down the back of your desk when you opened the window to let the cigarette smoke out, but you won’t find out until it’s many months too late.)

What has happened here? Your LACK of Etrace meeting scheduling software has cost you: 1) a new client; 2) reputation (word of mouth is powerful, especially in a small town and it works both ways – customers don’t like waiting for contractors who don’t show up when they promised they would); 3) whatever advertising or marketing you spent on attracting the attention of that person in the first place – now wasted.

If you had our meeting scheduling software, you’d get emails every morning reminding you of each meeting you have scheduled for that day. The client’s details are all contained in the electronic filing system. It’s impossible to forget anybody and very easy to find their details if an emergency crops up and you have to reschedule.

Part two: quote

Let’s say you dodge the first bullet and actually show up to the first meeting. Great. The client is interested in their driveway being repaved. But they aren’t quite ready to commit to the job, they’re just fishing for quotes.

You write a quote in a notepad, on the back of an envelope or whatever else you happened to have handy and “file” it in your pocket, briefcase or the glove box of your van.

Nine months later, the client phones you back and is ready to spend the cash. What happens now? You have to find that quote. If you can’t, your choices are to trust the client’s word on the price you quoted, or waste precious time revisiting them to requote for the same job you already priced last year!

Etrace meeting scheduling software includes a custom area for quotations. You can scan and upload any object, filing it in the customer’s file for later reference. You can even import photos you took of the work site. All the guesswork and wasted time is saved and all the information is at your fingertips.

Part three: work

Etrace meeting scheduling software really comes into its own when you have to begin booking work visits. Your sub-contractors – or you – must fill in a report noting whether the work is completed to the customer’s satisfaction, or any follow-up visits that are needed, including more appointments to be scheduled.

You can scan and upload a finished work order with the customer’s signature on the happy part that reports they are pleased with the work done.

Part four: invoicing

Without meeting scheduling software, even getting paid can be overlooked! Ever thought how many small companies don’t get paid for their work, on time or sometimes ever, because they forget to invoice or chase outstanding payments?

Etrace includes a basic invoicing function that reminds you when a client is ready to be invoiced. Invaluable help!

Etrace will eliminate the need for most of your loose paperwork. It’s a web-based filing and meeting scheduling software package. You need it – you just don’t know it yet! There’s only one way to find out how useful it will be for you. Click here to subscribe and take advantage of our special offer!