Job scheduling software: Etrace is a powerful tool for small business

What is job scheduling software and what can it do for you? Here’s a few features of Etrace.

1) Your clients can schedule customer work on your behalf

Whether you undertake insurance contracts or merely perform after-sales service for big clients, the ability for those clients to book you for jobs will save you – and them – hours of time each week. Once the job file is created, you update it remotely using Etrace and your client can check the file from their computer. No more phone tag!

2) A file is always accessible, no matter where you are

Access Etrace job scheduling software wirelessly from your laptop or from the office, or even if you’re on holiday and an emergency situation occurs. You’ll never have to return to the office to hunt for a missing work order again!

Meanwhile, your client will appreciate the ability to see at a glance the phone calls you have placed to the customer and when the appointment is scheduled for. Etrace eliminates all the messy back-and-forth conversations, missed calls and messages at a stroke!

3) Scan and upload report documentation

Whether you prepare quotes, work notes and estimates on a printed form or the back of an envelope, you’ll be able to store your work in the customer’s electronic file using Etrace. When the customer needs you to take the next step, you’ll instantly know what parts you need to order, how much you quoted and how long the job is going to take. This could save you hours of wasted time!

4) Job scheduling software gives you an instant view of outstanding invoices

Etrace’s invoice pending system means that a file, once completed, can easily be changed to INVOICE status. Click a button to send the invoice to your clients. It’s that easy! Never overlook an invoice again.

This is just four ways Etrace will pay for itself. Starting from just $89 per month, you’ll wonder how you did without it. Click here to try our job scheduling software right away!