Etrace: employee scheduling software that keeps your staff in touch

Employe scheduling software now exists that makes life for SMALL companies a whole lot easier.

Fact is, though, most small companies don’t even consider investing in the tools that save them

If you’re tired of misfiling or even losing quotes and estimates, tired of carting around and storing messy paper files, tired of fielding dozens of pointless phone calls every week which eat up your precious, chargeable hours you could be spending with customers, then Etrace employee scheduling software is for you!


Just one misfiled estimate means a costly repeat visit to a customer’s location. It looks unprofessional, to both your corporate client and the customer, not to mention the lost time you can never charge for or recover.


With Etrace’s powerful functions at the fingertips of you and your staff or sub-contractors, it’s easy to find exactly what you need and to communicate the status of a customer to your corporate clients. With estimates and quotations scanned into Etrace, you can convert more first visits into work orders!


The last thing a small business owner needs is more stress. As if life isn’t busy enough without chasing employees for report updates, searching through paperwork and fielding calls! Etrace employee scheduling software takes away all those headaches and there are so many more time-saving functions, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.


Etrace users report that their corporate clients LOVE using Etrace. One contractor has won the exclusive business of a very large corporate client, simply because the client could not stand to deal with his competitors’ messy administration systems. Become the favourite business partner of all your clients with Etrace!

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