Etrace client scheduling software: give your clients a way to do your work for you!

Chances are you don’t know that client scheduling software exists, let alone have access to the powerful features that Etrace offers. Let us talk you through how YOUR clients can do YOUR work for you!

We’ll use the example of a furniture repair specialist. It’s important to understand the difference here between CLIENTS and CUSTOMERS.

CLIENTS in this case refer to the people who book you for jobs: for example, large furniture retailers like Sears.

CUSTOMERS are the people who have a problem with the furniture item they have received from the big retailer.

If you don’t have Etrace, you won’t be able to gain the powerful client scheduling software benefits it gives businesses like yours. So here’s how a typical job would be booked.

Your client, the big retailer, phones you to book a meeting with a customer who has a hole in their leather sofa. Oops, you were at lunch, or your cell phone battery was dead, so you now have to remember to call the client back for details of the meeting. That could result in a round of voice mail tag, until one of you raises the other.

Now you have the details of the appointment, you have to create new paperwork for this new client. Keeping detailed notes without client scheduling software means making notes on paper, paper which could easily get misfiled or lost.

Eventually you meet the customer and see the problem with their leather sofa. Now you have to report back to the client. This could be verbal, but more likely they need a form in writing – perhaps by email, or perhaps by fax. Sometimes both. Oops, they say the fax never arrived. Better send it again, IF you can find it. And so on.

Back to the client to repair their sofa now you have the go-ahead from the client. The customer signs to say they are happy with their repair and this is more paperwork you have to send back to the client before they will pay you.

STOP! Let’s see what happens if you DO have Etrace’s client scheduling software.

Etrace client schedule software emails you daily with your scheduled appointments.
You open your laptop in the morning to find three emails: all these are bookings from your clients. New customers have contacted them and asked for a visit. YES. Your clients entered the file into Etrace and now all you have to do to find their details is click on a link. Your client just did a large part of your work for you!

Using our client scheduling software, you log details of the appointment. Now if the client wants to know when you are going to see the customer, they can just log into Etrace and see for themselves. No need to call you anymore!

Once you’ve met the customer, you scan the report into Etrace. Your clients can log in and see the follow-up details of the file. Client scheduling software has saved you time again and again and this customer is not even done with yet!

The client approves the work and you receive an email back instructing you to complete the work. You make contact with the customer to book the appointment. Each time you make a call, one click can leave a permanent note recording no answer, left message, customer will call back etc. Finally you can book the appointment, again automated on the Etrace calendar.

Once the paperwork is done, scan the customer’s approval signature on the report into Etrace. The report is permanently recorded on the customer’s file. A single click can request a copy to be emailed or faxed to the client. Doesn’t that beat rummaging through a paper folder and standing by the fax machine?

You’ll now be able to access this file under INVOICES: time to ask your client to pay! And of course this is automated for you. Etrace is so powerful and useful, you will seriously wonder how you ever did without our client scheduling software.

The basic package includes log-in access for up to five users: they can be you or your sub-contractors. There is no limit to the number of clients you can grant access to. Different levels of access are allowed (sub-contractors will only be able to access work reports and schedule their appointments, they cannot create new jobs, for example).

How much time could Etrace client scheduling software save you? Literally hours and hours every week. How much is your time worth to you? Click here to take advantage of our special offer and try our client scheduling software package now!