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customer testimonials

"The Service Solutions System provided by Etrace has been a tremendous asset for our company. It has enabled us to significantly reduce work processing time while at the same time providing us with tools that allows us to provide efficient service to our clients at a whole new level.

"Etrace understood our service needs and developed a solution that focus on getting the job done effectively and are well thought out to enhance our business processes while delivering great value.

"From my viewpoint this is an invaluable solution to anyone that is in the service business. It has helped us to improve every area of our organization, from data storage which allows us to keep track of every detail concerning our customers at our fingertips, such as every contact made, work done, parts order, invoice, emails, employee that worked with customer etc. while at the same time giving access to our clients so they too can be updated, to having access to every employee schedule, day sheets etc, to invoicing,  to mapping, and many more, to improving our production flow and reporting functions. All of which has helped us create a stronger and more profitable organization.

"Very few companies can combine service knowledge with technology; knowledge that helps identifies and solves service problems and needs and at the same time at an incredibly inexpensive value, Etrace is one of the few."

Ricky and Emelyn John
Owners of John's Furniture Repairs & Upholstery Services
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Since dealing with companies that use the e-trace system, our after sales service that we provide to our customers has improved tremendously.

By adopting the e-trace system, we have found that the these companies are providing us with effective and reliable information necessary for us.

To provide the best customer service possible. Everything we need, reports as well as photos, is right at our finger tips. In an age where we are ever more reliant on technology to help us do our job better, e-trace is an obvious choice.

Annette Byrne 
Service Co-ordinator, Lazboy Furniture Galleries, Ottawa.

I just love the fact that our service department uses e-trace; it eliminates customers waiting time for service answers and it organizes our files for us.
My service department loves dealing with a service company on e-trace---it is so efficient!

Broyhill Home Collections customer Service Manager

I have been using ETrace for years now and I love it.

As a Manufacturers Representative in the furniture industry I have to request service calls often. It makes the process so much easier to be able to enter a customers information into a simple form on the computer instead of filling something out by hand and faxing it off. It eliminates the aggravation of trying to understand messy handwriting, faxes that don't come in clearly or at all, and piles of paperwork to deal with. I can also track any booking or report quickly and easily online.

I would highly recommend ETrace to anyone running a business and wish more companies were already using it!

Crys Hanna

"I had the opportunity to work with Resurface Systems ( a mobile service repair company)  in a temporary short term position and was very surprised to find the software program so simple and easy to learn. After just two sessions of two hours each, I was able to handle all the required functions including entering work orders, delegating jobs to the technicians, following up with customers. All the information you need can be accessed from the main screen. I've learned and used a number of software training programs but none compared with this for minimal training and ease of use. It was such a pleasure to do the work because of the software. I highly recommend this program."

Cynthia Habinski-- office temp.