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ETrace appointment setting software:
benefits and overview

Our appointment setting software servers are monitored 24 hours a day

Keep all the information you need for each job in one place;
 - emails
 - dates scheduled
 - "left messages" notes
 - techs reports
 - job invoices
 - customer's signature
 - diagrams or sketches
 - photos
 - parts ordered


Our appointment setting software allows you to access all your office information anywhere you have internet access -- office, on the road or from your vacation spot.


Track all work scheduled for staff or subcontractors.


Generate invoices at a click of a button.


Send reports by fax or email at a click of a button.


Automatic "e mail" notification to clients every time a job is scheduled


You will never forget to bill for a job. eTrace creates a list of "waiting to be invoiced" jobs sorted by customer, you only need to select the job to generate each invoice.


Monitor invoice payment status, you will be able to track job "not invoiced" and "invoices not paid".


Maintain client information, contact information and invoice/payment history.


Search mechanisms for customers by first or last name, phone #,address, regional area, work order #, customers waiting to be booked, and more.


UPLOAD scanned images and photos.


All your files are hosted on our industrial strength server at a protected and secure data centre with fast network connections with solid hard infrastructure supported by mirrored data backup system.


Appointment setting software to monitor all work waiting to be scheduled (jobs not book are listed showing their age--number of days)


Monitor all work scheduled by geographical area/ zone,( part of the city) etc.


Monitor the status of any job.


See the entire day schedule for any day for any month in a click or two.


Get driving direction to your call in a single click from Mapquest


Staff can access their day"s schedule and work orders anywhere they have internet access, home, office, on the road.


Clients can be given access to their customer files 24/7 via the internet (they no longer need to interupt your time to get status or reports on their customers)