ETrace Automated scheduling software:
Frequently Asked Questions

I have no computer skills, is this for me?

Yes.  This automated scheduling software was originally designed for an operator who had no computer  or typing skills.  If you can get on to the internet you have  the basic skills needed  to operate our system.

Can I stop this service at any time?

Yes, Simply email or fax us your request to cancel your subscription to our automated scheduling software and you will be immediately made inactive and we will stop charging your account. All of your files will be kept for 6 months from date of cancellation and then deleted.

I work alone and have no employees. Is there good value in this automated scheduling software system for me?

Absolutely. We have a single technician who has been using this system since 2005 and now finds it indispensable. He has chosen to operate totally mobile and can do 80% of his administration work on his lap top in his truck. Since his major clients can log into the system, he no longer wastes valuable time resending reports.

Will this system do all my paperwork?

No. This system will not take the place of your accounting system, will not control inventory and will not do payroll. It will do all your paperwork from the taking of a service request to the creating of the invoice. It can even keep track of your customer's payment history.

If I have stopped the service can I start back up again?

Yes. We hold all files dormant for 6 months. If you request installation within 6 months of stopping service we can reinstate your service. A $50 reactivation fee along with your monthly service fee will be charged on your first month's bill .

If my local internet provider is temporarily out of service can I still access my files and carry on business?

Yes. Because this automated scheduling software system is web based, you can access it from anywhere in the world at any time. If your internet provider has problems you can use any other computer that is using a different internet provider. Try your neighbor or even the library.

If my computer breaks down or is stolen will I lose all of my files?

Absolutely not. Your computer is just acting as a communications device, just as your telephone does when you are connected to another office. All of your automated scheduling software files are processed and stored on our secure server in a secure data center and on a second remote site.

Can more than one person in my company use this system at the same time?

Yes. You are only limited by the amount of computers you have. You can have more than one person booking jobs on the automated scheduling software at the same time as well as one or more techs entering their reports all at the same time.

Will I have to pay for upgrades?

No. We may periodically change or add new features as working environments evolve. Some of our customers may pay us to develop and implement new features. Very often these features will then become part of our system, available for use for all of our customers.

Can a similar system be made special and exclusive to me?

Yes. "JF Ranger Web Solutions" / STUDIO WEBLOFT INC. is our R&D company and would be happy to discuss your specific need. R&D and product development is paid for on a case by case basis.

How customizable is this program?

A : Some areas can be changed or edited by you. Example--all items within the "drop down" lists and some headings such as "retailer or tech." also the display used for the tech's work order.

Can this system expand and grow as my company's volume of activity grows?

Yes. This automated scheduling software system is built on a platform that allows for growth. Our service fee is based on the number of your staff that have password access. See "pricing" page.

How safe and secure is this automated scheduling software system?

You are responsible for limiting access to your site by assigning user names and passwords which you can change at any time. All of your files are stored on our server at a secure and monitored data center. The server has 2 hard drives, back ups are done nightly and back ups are done weekly on a separate remote server. A monitoring service checks your web site every 5 minutes and we are immediately alerted should your web site go down.

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