Save money with our work scheduling software

Whether you do it all yourself or have someone working for you, TIME is MONEY. ETrace will save you at least 5 mins. per scheduled job .


Think of the amount of time you currently spend on these functions :


1) Finding info on a customer waiting to be scheduled


2) Changing a customer's schedule


3) Changing an assigned tech. to another job


4) Giving your tech. his daily work orders


5) Reminding your tech. about outstanding reports / invoices


6) Assigning work to a sub-contractor


7) Faxing / Emailing reports and photos


8) Re-faxing / Emailing reports already sent


9) Finding old reports or invoices


10) Tracking "parts ordered" status  


11) Making and sending invoices 


12) Phone calls to give your clients an update on

       job status


Now here's the Math .

Now if you value time at $11.00/ hr.

If eTrace saves you 5 mins. per call

If you do only 5 calls per day

You are paying 5 mins. x 5 calls x 21 days /per month x $11.00/hr

You are paying $ 96.25 / month .That's more than you have to.

With eTrace you can pay as little as $89.00 / month and still have a little left over. And your reduced stress/frustration level and increased efficiency is a bonus!